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Bible Prophecy Island Projects:

Here are listed each of the projects in Bible Prophecy Island area.

Forgotten Dream

Animated scene where Daniel presents to King Nebuchadnezzar what the king dreamed and what God was telling the king by it. This story can be read in Daniel Chapter 2.

First Four Kingdoms

This is the vision of the world kingdoms taken from Daniel chapter 7 as they arise out of the sea each depicted by a beast. This provides more information about each one, building on the Kings dream.

Epic Battle

More information is given in Daniel 8 in the vision about the events when Greeks overcame the Persian Empire and the fate of the King of the Greeks. The events set up a riddle as to when the Sanctuary would be cleaned.

Sanctuary Secrets

A tour of the Mosaic Tabernacle provides how God encoded the services there with the entire plan of salvation for mankind and the work of Jesus in the last days. This provides the answer to the riddle of how long the time would be before the sanctuary was cleansed.

Seven Churches

The Christian era was established by Jesus and would continue to the end of earths sin filled history. Here John in Revelation 1 shows seven periods of time that the church would endure until the end.

Last World Government

John was shown the events that would take place that would set up the last world government and what that power would do the populations of the earth. What would be the religious power that would influence and control world governments to make it supreme on earth again enslaving the minds and thoughts of all as it did in the past. But the rules of engagement in the war between Jesus and Satan require that each individual has a clear choice for which one they will follow. It is not allowed to deny that choice.

Woe to Babylon

As the last world church uses the last government on earth to enforce is dogmas on the world population even to enforcing a death decree against all who will not conform, the government discovered that is has been fighting against God and not for Him! Someone is going to pay for that and the corrupt church is torn apart and the Real Jesus returns to claim his followers to leave with Him. All who remain on Earth are left corpses for the last of the fowls of heaven. Satan is locked to the earth with his host of evil ones for 1000 years to consider the result of his works.

Final Events

The tour of prophecy ends with the 45 minute movie Final Events by Amazing Facts.

Each of the presentations are being created to be interactive events and can have video created from each one as a study aid on the topic. This includes sound and actions as well.

Adventist Community and SDA Church:

This project opened October 2011 allowing the church group to expand the options in what we can accomplish in this environment. The church has been successfully in operation since it was founded in September 2010. Please see more information about it and event we have participated in in the Church menu entry.

This land provides a location for Seventh-day Adventist church groups of any language and time zone to be able to meet together. The facility can support church groups in any of 8 time sections each three hours long in the 24 hours of Sabbath time. This provides a world wide access as close as your internet connection!

Some of the benefits provided by the church here:

  • Fellowship access for those who are home bound and cannot attend a local church.
  • Great field to work in for Seminary students learning to be pastors or evangelists to practice their preaching and presentations. The new land now provides an arena that can support up to 200 people at one time!
  • Existing pastors have preached for the church giving them a chance to present their sermons before preaching in their own church.
  • The church is truly a world wide congregation with people attending from several different countries and time zones all at the same location.

Current groups meeting:
English Language services provided by some Australian pastors and Avondale Seminary students led by Pastor Jeff Parker.
Portuguese service led by Marc. Looking for a Brazilian pastor to lead this church group!
USA Church group currently being led by Daniel. Looking for an USA based pastor to lead this church group!
Please see the Church Bulletin for current service times.

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