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Bible Prophecy Island is dedicated to presenting the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as a continuum from the Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon the Great and the last world government. Each is an interactive presentation set as if you were with Daniel and John as each was presented the scenes of future events and was told the meaning of the vision.

The visitor is shown how the events portrayed in each vision were fulfilled in history on down through time to current events. Those last scenes that are yet future are explained and the events yet to happen are outlined. It is shown that the events God had predicted in the past have each come to pass exactly on time and we can trust the events of the future to also be accurate and in order as presented.

Bible Recreations area is an expanded region next to Bible Prophecy Island dedicated to presenting Bible Stories as an interactive walk through tour. This area is being developed to show the Exodus of Israel from Egypt to Caanan. Information about the latest archaeological discoveries can be learned about in this presentation.

Bible Prophecy Island is a project that exists in the virtual world of Second Life® by Linden Labs. It is a private effort done by the individuals working on the project. For those who have a Second Life® account and access, the Island is at Bible Prophecy Island.

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