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SDA Church in Second Life

Select from the options on the left sidebar for more information about scheduled events and services to be held. If you have a Second Life® account, stop by and visit with us! Church Location SLURL™ link.

Would you like to visit?

If you have never had a Second Life® account, use our handy How To Instructions. Come and learn how to work in the virtual world!

The first SDA Church in Second Life® opened Sept. 17, 2010 Friday at 1:00pm SLT with a presentation on "Finding Peace in a Restless World" by Pastor Paul in Australia. 12 people attended this meeting! See the FirstService event entry in the Picture Library.

Our First Year of Church operation anniversary was Friday Sept. 16 SL Time. ImExcited presented the sermon and JeffOh gave the dedication prayer.

Articles Featuring This Project:
12/2/2016 - Australian RECORD Cyber-Church: Online evangelism for the digital age by Maritza Brunt.
Irish Mission Website Irish Mission Website by Pheona.

Church Project Mission Statement
  • To be a place of Biblical truth, where compassion reigns.
  • To stand up and be counted at the cost of popularity.
  • To be a light in a dark place.
  • To greet, invite encourage and guide people to a real relationship with a living Christ.
  • To conduct public evangelism and meet people socially where they are in SL, build a real relationship with them, and guide them into contact with the fellowship of their local church.
  • To provide a means for less able bodied people to experience a real church family in a virtual world.
  • To provide a platform for Theology students to gain unique ministry experience.
  • To conduct ourselves as much as possible in accordance with the standards, theology and the rules for church governance and evangelism as outlined in the 28 Fundamentals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, The Seventh-day Adventist Church Handbook and the Seventh-day Adventist Minister's Manual while still adapting and experimenting with ministry that is possible and particular to this unique virtual environment.
Church Service Times:
  • Australian Service: Friday 12:00 noon SLT (Saturday morning at 7:00am NSW Time Aus)
  • USA Service: Saturday 4:00pm SLT
* SLT or Second Life Time is also Pacific Time USA.
Church Project Donation Funds Balance: $12513L
This fund in Linden dollars is collected in world by a donation box at the church entry. It will be used for the church grounds and support of the church congregations in Second Life for a few things we can purchase which we could not make.
Church Service Attendance

USA based SDA pastors needed! The USA time zone based church group desires to have several USA based pastors to preach for us and to help lead out in the evangelism work. Even if you are not in the USA, we need pastors for opening other time zone based church groups and help with the existing churches. Time requirement is minimal.

The attendance List shows only the last 30 weeks to keep the display size shorter.

Church Service Attendance Count by Date Descending
Australian-Euro Church
Date      # Attended

USA Church
Date      # Attended

Adventist Community Church:
7/21/2018 - 4
7/14/2018 - 10
7/7/2018 - 4
6/30/2018 - 4
6/23/2018 - 12
6/16/2018 - 11
6/9/2018 - 8
6/2/2018 - 9
5/26/2018 - 12
5/19/2018 - 7
5/12/2018 - 6
5/5/2018 - 6
4/28/2018 - 4
4/21/2018 - 7
4/14/2018 - 9
4/7/2018 - 5
3/31/2018 - 10
3/30/2018 - 1
3/24/2018 - 6
3/17/2018 - 5
3/10/2018 - 5
3/3/2018 - 7
2/24/2018 - 2
2/17/2018 - 9
2/10/2018 - 7
2/3/2018 - 6
1/27/2018 - 5
1/20/2018 - 5
1/13/2018 - 5
1/6/2018 - 5
Granite Bay Church Live
Date      # Attended

Adventist Community Church:
4/14/2018 - 4
Adventist Chapel:
4/7/2018 - 1
Adventist Community Church:
4/7/2018 - 3
Adventist Chapel:
3/24/2018 - 1
Adventist Community Church:
3/10/2018 - 5
3/3/2018 - 4
2/17/2018 - 1
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