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Bible Prophecy Island is currently offline due to server maintenance. It will return later today Nov. 5 2023 as soon as the maintenance is completed!

You can help these projects by two ways of contributing:

  1. Become a sponsor for the project. There are a limited number of sponsor positions that directly support the expenses of keeping the land in existence. Each of the sponsor positions are for $10.00 per month or $120.00 for the year.

    A special offer is available to Seventh Day Adventist Ministries who sponsor the Bible Prophecy Island project to have their website information posted in the Information Center and access to video productions of the Prophecy animation scenes.

    Project members and members of the SL SDA church are encouraged to become sponsors to support the project. Please see additional information on the Sponsor Application page.

  2. Click the PayPal button next to the land project you wish to support. Enter the amount to donate that you wish to contribute to the lands listed below. All donations are used only to pay the cost of the selected island property.

Here are the island projects you can help support:

Bible Prophecy Island Amount due by 25th.
   Sponsorship positions filled: 9 of 20 available.
   Sponsor amount paid $0.00 of $90.00
   Rental parcels filled: 6 of 6 available.
   Rent amounts paid $80.00 of $96.00
   Donations given: $0.00
   Total Amount raised for Jun: $80.00,   Month goal to reach: $180.00
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