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The members of our little cyber church welcome you. Please join us in our worship service!

Church Service
4/17/2021 4:00:00 PM

Opening Announcements:
Worship Presentation: Amazing Sanctuary "God's Final Message of Love"
Closing Announcements:

Answers to Common Questions

1. Why services on Saturday?
Answer: When God created the world, he made this world and all that is in it and associated with it in 6 litteral days. On the 7th day He enjoyed what He had done. He gave to man time with Himself dedicating that day to be with them. Thus man has had the 7 day week cycle as the memorial of creation and the association with the Creator. This weekly cycle has remained unchanged ever since in evey culture and nation that has been since; inspite of there being no sign of stars or moon to define it. It is also stated in the law given on Mt. Sinai to Israel and kept by Jesus and His disciples. There has been no change recorded in the Bible that the day God made for an appointment with Him has ever been changed.

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